Highland's Golf Academy

From conception to execution, the Highland Golf Academy has been designed to provide the most advance technical skill training in the most conducive learning environment possible. One of the main attributes of this building is that you can truly work on your entire golf game 12 months a year. Our Academy offers:

  • Four heated & private practice bays for golfers to hit balls into our range and see the entire ball flight.

  • A 3,200 sq. ft. “Short Game” room completely countered and turfed to create the most realistic indoor putting and chipping surfaces available. Golfers can not only work on their putting from 60 ft. & in, but also hit a variety of chip & pitch shots from 20 yds. & in off of a variety of lies and slopes.

  • Two indoor simulator bays equipped with Trackman 4 launch monitors and the E6 simulator software. Golfers can play over 20 of the most famous courses from around the world, or spend time improving & refining their technique with the assistance of the most accurate swing and club trackman data available.

  • A separate 600 sq. ft. private instruction & fitting bay, also equipped with Trackman 4 launch monitors and high-speed 3 camera video equipment to provide the most advanced and accurate feedback and information to help you improve your game.

  • Our 9,200 sq. ft. facility also boasts a great lounge with multiple tv’s and bar service that provides a great place to relax before or after your golf experience. 

The Academy is just our most recent commitment that shows our passion to the game of golf and our club. We are excited to provide such a great amenity to our membership as we build to a truly 12-month club and facility.