Yoga & Fitness

Classes are available for those who are looking to get in shape or improve thier mobility and overall health. We have a variety of classes and timing that is sure to fit your schedule. For more information on all that we have to offer please email us at


Sculpt & Tone

This class is designed to strengthened and tone your body. Join us to tone, tighten, increase muscle definition in every muscle group.

Cardio Circuit

Make the heart happy by getting your blood pumping with a cardio specific class. Different classes will be incorporated as you complete the circuits and feel the burn.


Concentration on core strength, body alignment, and muscular balance withou adding bulk with this popular mat workout. This is the class for anyone looking for a longer, leaner body.


This class walks you through different total body stretches inspired by the form and philosophy of Yoga. Gain flexibility and strength at any fitness level and leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Performance Boost

A combination of strength trainning and light cardio will give you a total body workout and give a boost to power your life, golf game or other activities.


A higher intensity class incrporating high and low movements, plyometric, and elements from the Navy Seal trainning program perfect for intermediate and advanced fitness levels. Prepare to sweat and push yourself to the next level.