Pool Rules

1.   Members are to sign the guest register upon entering the pool area. Pool towels 
      and guests should be registered and charges signed for. Guest fees are $ 10.00
      per guest. Children age 6 and under are free.

2.   Pool towels are available one (1) towel per swimmer.  Towels must be signed out
      and signed back in at the guard desk in the Snack Bar.  A $3.00 charge will be
      placed on your account for unreturned towels.

3.   During the swimming season, there will be lifeguards on duty during all open

4.   No one is permitted in the pool area after closing.

5.   Private and group instruction is available for additional cost to members and their

6.   No food or drink is permitted on the premises other than food purchased from the
      club. This is a club-wide policy.

7.   No china or glass is allowed on the pool grounds. Food from the clubhouse
      may be taken to the pool grounds on paper or plastic only.

8.   Children are not to be left unattended at the pool area. Lifeguards are not to be 

      babysitting children. Children must be at least 10 years old to be left unattended.

9.   Lifeguards are to approve and restrict the use of the main pool and diving tank. 
      Flotation devices are not allowed in the diving tank unless approved by the
      lifeguard on duty.

10. Alcohol is allowed in the pool area only in paper or plastic cups. No one under 
      age 21 is allowed to consume alcohol in the pool area.

11. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at all times.

12. All food is to be confined to eating areas. All trash should be deposited in the
      proper trash cans.

13. The wading pool is for use by children ages 6 and under only.

14. Wrestling, pushing, running, swearing, and all other improper behavior will not be
       tolerated by the Highland Pool staff. Disciplinary action will follow repeated

15. No one is allowed in any dining room in the Clubhouse in a bathing suit. When
      you go to the Clubhouse, please wear appropriate clothing.